Rent A Phone Communication Services Ltd.,  founded in 1997, specializes in telecommunications consulting and

solutions for travelers around the world.

Global sims and local sims in many destinations,

Satellite Phones, 

Solutions for data transfer 

and more.

common questions

Rent-A-Phone is celebrating 20 years

& you save money



No packages or obligation per minute. Calls and data on your smartphone all around the world at unprecedented rates.

Competative prices for local calls abroad. incoming calls free of charge (or very low), Significant savings to the employee and his work environment abroad

Can I make a reservation on the site?
You will find a portal on site where you can order directly using the password provided to you.
After replacing the SIM, my contacts and applications will disappear ?
All contacts, email addresses and apps will be stored on your device for your convenience abroad..


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Rent-A-Phone Communications Services

Bar-Kochba 23 Bnei Brak, V-TOWER

offices: +972-3-6139899

רנט-א-פון שרותי תקשורת בע"מ

רחוב בר כוכבא 23 קומה 12 בני ברק

טלפון: 972-3-6139899+ 


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