? Can I make a reservation on the site 
.you will find you can book directly with the password delivered to you  


? Is the replacement SIM contacts and saved my application 
.All contacts, email addresses and apps are stored on your device for your convenience abroad 


? Can I keep my Israeli number abroad 
Definitely. you can divert calls from your mobile to a number that is attached to the sim's original number 


? What happens if I fly to several countries in one trip 
.We will tailor a sim that will suit you to Travel to multiple destinations 


? Can I get the same rates and conditions of the company where I work 
,Of course, as an employee, we will give you a benefit rates for the company you work for 

.for calls and data abroad 


? Can I keep my sim regularly 
Certainly  you can hold our sim regularly and by that you can keep your number abroad 

.For more information, contact our customer service number 03-6139899 


? What should I do in case of loss of \ theft of SIM 
.As soon as you notise call our support number + 972-3-6139899 and report it at any time 


? Who can I contact in case of failure 
You can contact the technical service number +972-3-6139899 


? Is there a validity SIM card 
.All Sims at our disposal are open and have validated the use of taxes so there is no concern attitude 


? How do I get the sim 

we will Send you a messenger who will take care of you reach up to 2 business days 

You can collect the  SIM from our office in Bnei Brak, Bar Kochba St. 23 


? Is there a commitment package calls 
There is no commitment 

רנט-א-פון שרותי תקשורת בע"מ

רחוב בר כוכבא 23 קומה 12 בני ברק

טלפון: 972-3-6139899+ 


סים לארה"ב  סים לאירופה מודם סלולרי לחו"ל