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About Simply Global​

Rent a Phone Communication Services Ltd., was founded in 1997 and is engaged in providing communication solutions all around the world.

Global and local Sims in many destinations around the world,

satellite phones and communication solutions for data transfer.


The company has international agreements with providers around the world.


The company collaborates with its customers to meet customer's needs.

Rent-A-Phone has established it's competitor thanks to the ability to offer large organizations, companies and businessmen in an attractive

terms of prices, personal accompaniment, the variety of services and optimal coverage (exclusive) in the world. 


special services we offer, is the difference between the Rent-A-Phone and competitors.   

here are Several distinct advantages of our service:


1. Free incoming calls or at very low rates at popular destinations for business - local numbers.


2. Global  Sims for several destinations without having to replace a sim when changing country. 


3. Clear usage reports (calls & data).


4. Dialing through exchanges Rent-A-Phone in a discount (the UK, US and Israel) -  lowering costs 

     up to 60%.  

5. The special offers and  product portfolio and the corresponding benefits to the

    customer's needs.  

6. The only company in the country with optimum coverage at every point in the world.                 

    The service is personal and unique 24/7 support center. 


In places where there is no network we provide satellite communications.

We also provide services for company guests and projects world lines & Israeli lines.

The organization's employees also enjoy the same rates on their trips privacy. 

Our clients enjoy V.I.P, support and sending SIMs / mobile devices / gateways / satellite phones, to the customer's office/home.

employees can Also keep in their possession devices / lines regularly as needed.


* Branches or subsidiaries related to the customer in the world, will also have the option to save

   costs when traveling for work abroad. 


 Among our satisfied customers: Security companies, high-tech companies, pharmaceutical companies,    biotechnology, medical devices, industrial companies and more .......

Rent-A-Phone Communication Services Ltd.

23 Bar kochva St. 12th Floor

  • Bnei Brak ISRAEL

offices: +972-3-6139899 






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